what I find hard about blogging

I decided to do something a little bit different for my discussion post this week and also open up about some stuff. Here goes nothing! lol

Blogging is hard. It is not something that comes easy for me. Some people have a knack for writing reviews or coming up with discussion posts or not letting their mood reading affect their ability to read review books they’re provided or networking on social media to help grow their site. I am not one of those people. I am a perfectionist, have an innate need to please everyone, and have pretty bad social anxiety (even on the interwebs).

I struggle to come up with content. What do people want to read about? Do they want reviews? Do they want discussion posts? What would they want to discuss? Any idea I think of is either to hard to articulate or something that’s already been done. Reviews are hard for me as well because I’m pretty basic – I liked it or I didn’t and sometimes it’s hard to really say what I liked or not. I also read so much and so many different books at once it’s hard to remember details in things. I’m trying to be better at making notes while I read so it’s not so difficult.

Another thing that I find difficult with reviews is reading them before they’re published. I am a mood reader through and through so it is near impossible for me to have a reading schedule. I have been trying to read at least one current release each month and have been fairly successful at it so that’s been helping, but in general – not my strong suit as well. Any suggestions out there? lol I also fail pretty hard at cross posting reviews. I almost never even get them onto Goodreads… Not quite sure how to fix that – it’s pretty much just a laziness thing for me. I just need to step up and do it! lol

I also lose sight of what I want to do and why at times. If no one is reading what I post, then what’s the point? I have to constantly remind myself that I am doing it for me and that it’s okay if no one is reading anything – it doesn’t mean they dislike me. (if that makes any sense) I always want to please people and help people and interact with people so if no one is reading anything – how am I doing any of those things? This majorly ties into my social anxiety as well. I am so socially awkward and am scared to open up and I have no clue how to make friends (I’m almost 30 so this is pretty sad lol). It seems to be even worse online since I don’t have a visual reference – I can’t see how people are reacting and go off that. It’s hard to be active on social media as result so I can’t promote my site and my thoughts the way I probably should.

Overall, none of this should matter. As long as deep down I’m enjoying myself, I should keep at it. If I keep at it, my writing should improve. If I keep at it, I may learn how to deal with my anxieties better. I just gotta keep swimming!


4 thoughts on “what I find hard about blogging

  1. I’m always second guessing if what I’m doing on my blog is right. I suppose the great thing about blogging is there is no right or wrong if you enjoy it.

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  2. You’re not alone! I have those same insecurities too. Sometimes it seems hard to write when I know there a a zillion blogs out there that are way better than mine…but we each have our own unique viewpoint to share! Keep it up! 🙂


    1. Thank you! That’s one thing I’m always reminding myself – everyone is different and has different opinions so no blog is going to be exactly the same. lol


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