T5W | Top 5 Fandoms I’m No Longer In

I can’t really say I’m in any fandoms, but there are some that I definitely support. There are also a few that I’m no longer invested in. This week is all about those top 5 fandoms I’m no longer in! Not gonna lie, this was a hard list to put together!

Supernatural – I used to absolutely LOVE this show. I watched pretty much all of it up until season… 10? I think? I’ve tried to finish the most recent seasons and get caught up, but… it got to be too repetitive and strayed way too far form its roots.

Lost – This was probably one of the first shows that I just jumped on and was all about. I owned all the seasons, went out of my way to watch episodes online in the dorm computer room (with the crappy internet), had t-shirts, and was just obsessed. I was completely obsessed all the way until the last episode. That episode seriously pissed me off. I still haven’t been able to rewatch the last season. I like to pretend it doesn’t exist.

Pirates of the Caribbean – This was my life in high school. I saw all the movies opening weekend (one of them 3 times!). I had pirate themed parties. I was in love with Johnny Depp. I fell DEEP into this world. I’m not sure what pulled me out of it, but I’m pretty okay with that!

Linkin Park – This was more my band than any pop boy band. In 8th grade we went on a trip with the class and we weren’t allowed to have our portable CD players with us (way back in the early 2000s). My friend and I would then sing their songs instead. Also, while we were gone that week, their newest album (Meteora) released and we went way out of our way to buy it on release day. They were even my first concert (so much fun!). I had multiple t-shirts, all of their albums (even hard to find LPs), patches, and basically anything I could get my hands on. As their music style began to change, I didn’t really love them as much. I still enjoy their music, but by no means to the extent I used to.

Twilight – I think this series is one of the first YA series I ever really got into. I loved the books! I did not like the first movie (it’s the only movie I left the theater part way through), but gave the rest of the movies a try and enjoyed them. Since then, I’ve read so many other YA series that I enjoyed more so this one just fell to the way side.

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8 thoughts on “T5W | Top 5 Fandoms I’m No Longer In

  1. I was never hugely active in the Twilight fandom, but I did love the series: I read all four books back to back in the space of a week, but I’ve never been able to reread past the first book. I kept trying to watch the movies and wasn’t able to get into them – I think that might be why my love of the books shrank too.


    1. I can definitely see that. I think it was the first fandom I was introduced too so I never got into it like other fandoms I’ve been in.


  2. I wonder how many people have NOT included Twilight in this week’s T5W 😛 (I have haha). Lost is a great show! For some reason, I only reached season 3 and stopped there, though…


    1. Season 3 is really the last GOOD season. lol It gets a bit more convoluted after that point.
      I saw Twilight pop up a lot. lol It’s kind of interesting to see that because I remember it being so HUGE!


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