thoughts on celebrity memoirs

Over the last few years, celebrity memoirs have become a thing. More and more celebrities are sharing their lives through memoirs – mostly essay style memoirs than autobiographies. I first started reading them when I picked up Yes Please by Amy Poehler. I then picked up Mindy Kaling’s first, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?. I’ve read a few more since then, and have added even more to my TBR. I did have some thoughts on this whole trend though.

They may not be the best writers, but they’re still enjoyable books (for the most part). I’ve enjoyed every single one I’ve enjoyed, with the exception of one. It’s always interesting to see how many are written solely by the author and which have co-authors. I think the editing also has a lot to do with it. If there is a good editor, then the most basic writing can still work out. I just never go into the memoirs with the highest expectations. I think that helps me enjoy them better.

How you feel about that particular celebrity matters as well. I’ve enjoyed the memoirs the best of those celebrities I enjoy the best. If I think that celebrity is just alright, then I don’t enjoy the memoir as much. It also helps to go into the memoirs not knowing much about the celebrity. I actually get something out of it when I don’t know much to start with.

Format matters. There have been more creative ways to write and format novels and that has definitely carried over to celebrity memoirs. For example, Neil Patrick Harris’s memoir is in the ‘choose your own adventure’ style. I read it as an ebook, which I don’t recommend. That is one that would be best read as a physical book. I’m not sure how that would transition into an audiobook either (although I’ve heard people saying they really enjoyed it as such).

Overall, celebrity memoirs are an interesting way to peak into the lives and pasts of celebrities. If someone is interested in reading more nonficiton, this is a good place to start. They aren’t heavy, dense books and most people enjoy reading about celebrities (i.e. tabloids). To start, I recommend seeing if one of your favorite celebrities has a memoir and starting with that one. If you enjoy it, then you can start reading memoirs from other celebrities!


4 thoughts on “thoughts on celebrity memoirs

  1. Hmmm… I feel like there a lot of opinions on celebrity memoirs.. Some say that they are really pointless, because usually the celebrity hasn’t really gone through a significant enough change to be published… This is mostly said about Youtuber memoirs, though.

    I feel like it IS a lot easier for celebrities to be published, simply by the fact that they are celebrities- even if they’re not well written or especially influencing stories. This is something I would like to see change.

    And of course, there are definitely those celebrities who only write a book for marketing and whatnot, rather than them wholeheartedly wanting to write.

    This is a big topic to be discussed, and it would be nice to see more talking about this.


    1. It is definitely easier for celebrity memoirs to be published. In the few I’ve read, there is definitely varying skills of writing and it’s pretty obvious.

      I’m always curious with memoirs, just how much is real? Could they be stretching the truth or could they be leaving things out to make it more interesting? It’s a memoir – not an autobiography so I feel like there’s a lot of leeway for facts.

      It’s becoming more of a widespread trend so I think that there could be more discussions in the future about it (at least I hope so!).

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