A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin

I have been reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series since January last year. That was 16 months ago. I have been (basically) reading the same series for 16 months. For someone who is typically a fast reader, that’s a crazy amount of time spent on just 5 books! However…

I did it! I finally finished the entire series! I feel so accomplished right now!

The first three books were quite easy to get through. In fact – I technically reread them! It was once we reached the fourth book that I just crashed. It took SO long to get through it and I was so unmotivated to hop into the fifth that I took a month or two off. I finally started again at the end of this January and only just finished – the end of April. lol But I did it!

Now onto the next daunting task… sharing my thoughts on them all! Spoilers beware!

I love this series.

Overall, this is my favorite adult series. There is so much content, so much to discover, so much to follow that you can probably notice different things each time you read them. I know I did for the first three! It can be a bit overwhelming though. There are so many characters (and some have similar names) that it can be hard to follow. I didn’t start reading the series until after I had watched the first season (or two) of the show (blasphemy I know). That really helped me know who was who and follow what was going on plot-wise.

Despite the overwhelming number of characters, there are a few that stood out for me (not just in good ways).

I think Tyrion is my favorite character. His journey, his path, is one of the most overreaching one of all. He travels all over Westeros and even makes it over to Essos. He definitely gets the short end of things (no pun intended), but seems to handle himself quite well. He has some of the best quotes as well.

I started out really loving Daenerys. In the beginning of the series, I really liked her. I liked her pluck and courage and what not, but by the end of A Dance with Dragons – my love for her has waned. She wasn’t as strong of a person as she started out being. She started making poor choices. I’m not sure if it was her showing her age (in the books she is much younger than in the show), or what, but hopefully things start to go in the right direction in the next book (whenever that gets released). I am very curious to know how the prophecy she gets from Quaithe plays out.

Arya is another favorite of mine. She is one tough little cookie! She really steps up to the challenge of being all alone and not letting anyone take advantage of her. She finds her way out of tough situations and really cares for her family. It’ll be really interesting seeing what happens to her going forward (and if she ever meets Nymeria again!).

There are so many unsolved mysteries.

One thing that George R.R. Martin (GRRM) does so well is create mystery and foreshadowing things. There so many prophetic dreams and prophesies, and references to events that it can be a bit hard to keep track of. It’s why there are so many theories floating around online! I don’t think anyone will know what it all means until GRRM finishes writing the books.

Some of the unsolved mysteries I’m most curious about are:

• the prophecy involving Dany and being betrayed three times
• the prophecy involving Cersei being killed by her brother
• who is Jon’s mom
• what happened at Summerhall
• who are the other two heads of the dragon Dany sees
• where is the horn that can bring down the wall
• what do the white walkers want
• who is Coldhands
• who is the main Harpy

Obviously I have quite a long list! lol

I love the TV adaptation as well.

It’s not very often that I watch an adaptation before reading the book. This is one of the few exceptions. The show is definitely what got me interested in reading the series. I’m so glad I did though! I feel like the adaptation is quite spot on. Obviously things are left out, but so far it makes sense (mostly). I wish Lady Stonehart was in the show and there are a lot of characters around Dany (like Quentyn) that we haven’t seen in the show yet. I know that there is a lot of the show now that has surpassed what is published, so they could still bring in some of these earlier events into their timeline and such.

My overall rating for the series would be 4.5 stars.

I only gave one book 5 stars and that was A Storm of Swords. The rest were all 4 stars for me.

If I had to rate the entire series in order of least favorite to favorite it would go as follows:

5 – A Feast for Crows
4 – A Dance with Dragons
3 – A Clash of Kings
2 – A Game of Thrones
1 – A Storm of Swords

Have you read the entire series or have you watched the entire show? What are your thoughts on it? Sound off in the comments below!


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