The Selection series by Kiera Cass

The Selection | The Elite | The One

I first discovered this series right after it was released and right when I was first starting to read again. I won’t lie – I picked it up because of the cover and the premise sounded interesting! A prince and a group of suitors? Sounds interesting! I’m not really a fan of The Bachelor (at all) so I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this series, but I was HOOKED! I couldn’t believe I had to wait so long for the sequel.

Once The Elite was released, I picked it up as soon as I could and dove right back into this world. I liked The Selection better than The Elite. Things sort of dragged a bit in the second installment. I don’t really feel like anything happened. (Obviously things happened, but not really anything important… lol) I did enjoy getting to know the other girls better and seeing some of them create these new bonds.

By the time The One came around, I couldn’t wait to see how it ended. I was ready to see who Maxon picked and to see how things turned out with all the rebellion drama happening. I was pretty shocked with how certain things came to be (like how Maxon became King), but at the same time there wasn’t really much of a surprise on who he picked. Things basically came together as I had expected. I was happy that silly love triangle was over with also.

Overall, I enjoyed this trilogy. The love triangle kind of bothered me, but as a whole I devoured the series pretty easily. It was a really easy series to read – pretty fluffy – in mind. I thought it ended pretty good! Then I heard she was going to expand the trilogy and feature America and Maxon’s daughter! I had very mixed thoughts on that. At first I was pretty excited, but the more I thought about it, the more the whole idea felt forced. I decided to still give the next two installments a shot, but by no means did I rush into them as I had the previous books in the series.

The Heir

I went into this one pretty nervous. It had been awhile since I was in the Selection universe and I still wasn’t sure how I felt about the extension of the series. I had also seen quite a few mixed reviews so that didn’t really help. Despite this, I was still going to give it an honest try.

Eadlyn is the crown princess (daughter of Maxon and America) and to help distract the country decides to help by participating in her own selection. I couldn’t really connect with Eadlyn the way I did America. She was a little annoying and fairly closed off. As she started to get to know the guys, she did grow a bit on me, but it was a slow process. I definitely think there were moments that she did not handle well, but there were still moments she handled pretty well.

The Crown

Since I finished The Heir and was fairly indifferent about it, I definitely took my time to pick up this last installment. I’m glad I did though. I liked this last installment much better than The Heir. Eadlyn really grows as a person and I was able to connect with her a little bit more. She was really able to open up to her country, her people, her family, and the guys of the selection.

The guys that were left at this point in the series were good. They were the most developed from the previous book so it made sense that they were still there. There were definitely some twists with some of them that I didn’t quite expect. I was fairly surprised who she picked in the end since it seemed to come out of nowhere, but I am glad of her choice.


Overall, I enjoyed the entire series. The first three were definitely a guilty pleasure of mine and my favorite, but the follow ups did fit into this world Kiera Cass created. I would recommend it for someone who wants an easy, fluffy read. It’s by no means perfect, but for what it is, it definitely works. Also, the covers are just gorgeous and they look pretty on your bookshelves. lol


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