T5W | Top 5 Books That Would Make Good Video Games

This week’s topic is picking what books we think would make good video games! I am not entirely a gamer so this is definitely a harder topic for me. That said, my list will be pretty random and will probably represent games that are not the normal games most people play anymore. I also picked books that I’ve read most recently so they would be fresh in my mind. Let’s get on to the list!

Hunted by Meagan Spooner – I kind of see this like a modern day Oregon Trail but like a solo trip and fantasy. You have to go hunting for food and there are little quests/tasks to complete (like fixing things in the castle and what not).

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead – This would definitely be a quest type game. There would be hand-to-hand fights with Strigoi and puzzles to solve and a little bit of Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? with the travel aspect.

Twinmaker by Sean Williams – This could be such a fun game! There would definitely be a vibe like Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? with trying to figure out where to travel to and where to hide and solve puzzles and all that stuff.

The Prey by Tom Isbell – This would definitely be more of like an action type game. A few puzzles probably, but mostly combat type stuff.

A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin – This could make such an interesting game! It could definitely be a RPG since there are so many elements that could be included and paths that could be taken. I would so play it! There could be fighting and puzzles and really all the best parts of a good game.

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7 thoughts on “T5W | Top 5 Books That Would Make Good Video Games

    1. I’m pretty shocked that it hasn’t yet! I wonder if it’s because George R.R. Martin doesn’t want it to be one or if no one has been brave enough to tackle creating one… lol

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