pro/con: book organization

If there is one thing that most bookworms can agree on it’s that organizing and finding enough space for all the books is HARD! There are so many different ways to organize bookshelves and collections are always growing so they constantly have to rearrange. I decided to make a list of some of the top ways to organize books and the good and the bad associated with each!

Alphabetical – by author OR title

This is probably the most classic option for organizing books. It’s pretty self explanatory – you organize your books by either title or author A-Z. This definitely takes some commitment to achieve, but it’s not the hardest on this list.

PROS – easy to find other books by the same author (if organized by author), easy to find books by title (if organized by title)

CONS – series potentially not grouped together


This is a newer way to organize books and is probably one of the hardest ways to organize them (at least initially).

PROS – looks amazing!, easy to add new books (unless color blind)

CONS – series not grouped together, unless you remember the color of every single book – could be hard to find what you’re looking for


This is definitely a more particular way to organize books, but one of the easier I think.

PROS – looks neat, easy to add books to whether by height or hardcover or paperback, etc.

CONS – series/books by the same author could be broken up


This is one of the most organic ways to organize books. It’s also my favorite way to organize books. Basically, you organize books by their genre or the way you feel when you read them. For example, I start by splitting my books into Adult and Young Adult and then roughly into genres. I also have a favorites shelf that’s separate for those books that I absolutely love and always smile when I see them.

PROS – easy to find a book when you’re in the mood for a specific genre, series stay grouped together, easy to add books to since a fairly laid back way to organize

CONS – where to place books with genre crossover?, feelings about certain books can change

So there you have it! My little list of different ways to organize books and what I feel are the pros/cons of each! Which is your preferred method? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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